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Dentistry, Oral Surgery and Implantology

Dr. Sirello operates from two dental offices, one in Livorno and one in Coccaglio, in the province of Brescia. His staff consists of two doctors, three assistants, a dental hygienist and four dental technicians, a well-coordinated staff, with the training, experience and the means (an operating room and state-of-the-art equipment), needed to perform surgery on many types of dental surgical procedures, ranging from the more generic, such as dental implants, dental prosthesis, orthodontics, oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry, to the more advanced treatments such as bone reconstruction, dental transplantation, mandibular/maxillary osteodistraction and treatments with PRGF. We are a medical center for the treatment of patients with traumatic injuries, with lesions to the soft and hard tissue. Our clinics also offer a free preventive oral cancer screening.
In our dental offices in Livorno and Brescia, we also perform cosmetic dentistry, with treatments such as the application of so-called "veneers" (Lumineers), which are able to cover completely any cosmetic defect and give back a beautiful and healthy smile without the use of the drill.
In our work, of whatever nature it may be, we always use the latest high tech materials, which guarantee very elevated standards of quality and result.
The focus of our activities is the person: our mission is to restore the health of your teeth, ensuring their proper chewing function and aesthetics. As dentists and as humans, we are proud to give you back the confidence of a smile.
Both the dental offices in Livorno and in Coccaglio have a waiting room with high speed WiFi, because the overall quality of our service also goes for the comfort of the patient, who must always be treated with the respect he/she deserves.

We preside over the health of your mouth
with cutting edge tools and techniques

Our Treatments

Dr Riccardo Sirello is specialized in a range of treatments, basic and advanced. We use the same professionalism and experience, regardless of the treatment we are doing, guaranteeing the use of quality materials, tools and cutting-edge techniques.

Basic Treatments:

Advanced Treatments:

Other Activities:

implants a year
high risk wisdom teeth treatments
low complexity surgeries
hours in the operating room

Our Dental Studios

Thanks to the adequate spaces and cutting edge equipment, we can work in a perfectly sterile, efficient and comfortable environment. A modern and well-equipped operating room provides us with wide possibilities of action, making it highly suitable also for advanced dental treatments such as dental transplantation or bone reconstruction. Dr. Sirello is specialized in surgery and implantology, a field in which our dental practice would like to excel (we use the conditional because the only one able to assess the actual quality is the patient).

Operazione chirurgica
Trattamento odontoiatrico
Lo staff del dott. Sirello in azione
Riccardo Sirello Dentista: lauree e attestati
Lo staff dello studio dentistico

Cad cam dell'impianto

Our Challenge

We have been dealing with general dentistry for many years and have directed our activities towards all those difficult cases involving the recovery of masticatory function, which for us represents a challenge as well as a duty. In our method, the diagnosis is followed by the search for the best possible solution for the patient, and we will consult with him/her about this solution before beginning the treatment. In the photo you can see a part of a six dental implant project applied to a high-risk patient (age and pathology). The case was recently published in the International Journal of Dental and Medical Research, and was the subject of a conference in Tunisi.

The invisible Aligner

Invisalign® is a dental alignment technique by means of transparent resin aligners. In this way, the device can’t be seen, except up close, because the white of the teeth is not interrupted by the metal wires contained in normal braces. Thanks to the invisible device, you can face orthodontic care without sacrificing the impact of a smile. Our clinics in Livorno and Brescia offer the complete Invisalign® invisible orthodontics treatment, at a cost of approximately 2500 euros (plus 600 euros on final delivery of the product).


The real progress of Medicine
is measured by the Daily practice

Riccardo Sirello

The Man and the Doctor

Riccardo Sirello is the author of numerous scientific papers and case reports, published in specialized national and international magazines, he took part in a humanitarian mission in Kosovo, for the creation and opening of a dental clinic in Kotlina (ASVI - ASMO), which has earned him a commendation, from the Minister of Health of Kosovo, for the commitment of taking care of 300 children and 20 adults in less than 10 days, he is also a forensic odontology consultant and is often invited to participate in programs and talk shows on medicine, both on radio and television.
Currently, in addition to practicing in his two dental offices, Riccardo Sirello is the Clinical Director of Odontosalute, a clinic in which they do more than one thousand implants per year. Dr. Sirello is Head of the Operating Protocols and Head of Research and Development in the Medical Field for the Odontosalute clinic.

Curriculum Vitae

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Medicine is a mission, before being a profession. Ever since I started to treat patients, my mission has always been that of bringing them back to a satisfactory health condition, possibly the same condition they had before the disorder.
Also, in our specific profession the care ensures not only the functionality of the organs on which we intervene, like proper mastication, but also an added value represented by aesthetics, an equally important aspect for the patient.

Riccardo F. J. Sirello, DDS
Riccardo Sirello at the work
Riccardo Sirello in studio
Riccardo Sirello at the work
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Our Dentistry staff

Riccardo Sirello Dental Studio
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